How it works

Use our laundry app to schedule a pickup at a time that suits you. Will whisk it away, clean it to our high standard, and then return it at your chosen time.

Schedule Laundry Orders

Decide when is the most suitable time for your laundry to be collected and delivered back to you.

Dry Cleaning

We will pick up your laundry at the time you have chosen, and take it away for cleaning.

Chingford Dry Cleaning

Once your laundry has been cleaned, we will deliver it back to you at the time of your choice.

Services we offer

Whether you simply want us to clean your shirts, or you need tricky modifications to an expensive wedding dress, or anything in between, we can help.

South Chingford dry cleaner
Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning service is perfect for items and garments that do not suit wet cleaning. Our solvent based dry cleaning process cleans fabric, without causing damage.

North Chingford dry cleaner
Shirt service

Start your day feeling great, in a crisply pressed, clean and fresh shirt. Our ecofriendly wet cleaning process, combined with our special shirt pressing machine, ensures your shirts always have that just unwrapped, new feeling.

Chigwell Dry Cleaning
Alteration repairs

Our alterations and repairs service can be used to make bespoke alterations to off the peg clothing. We can also perform a full range of clothing repairs, including replacing fasteners and mending rips or tears.

Walthamstow dry cleaning
Curtains cleaning

Curtain cleaning requires a different approach. These large, easily damaged items need to be handled carefully, to ensure that all dirt and grimes is removed, without causing damage.

Happy Users

Before giving our ecofriendly cleaning service a try, read what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us.

Meet Our Magical Machines

We have invested heavily in the best cleaning technology available. We are committed to producing the best results every time, and these incredible machines help us to do this.

Suitability dry cleaner
Shirt Machine

The real trick to getting that just unwrapped look for a shirt, is to use a machine such as ours. Specially designed to make sure that each shirt is pressed to perfection once cleaned.

Mount dry cleaner
Jacket Machine

Simply ironing a jacket is not enough. It needs to be shaped as it is pressed, and special attention needs to be given to things like the lapels and vents. Using our specialized jacket machine means your garment is pre-shaped before being pressed, for perfect results every time.

Colour care dry cleaner
Trouser Machine

In order to get those razor sharp creases, and perfectly flattened waistband and pleats, you need to use a proper trouser machine. Your trousers are formed on the machine before being pressed, to make sure the best results are achieved.