Laundry Services


Laundry Services

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Eco Friendly Wet Cleaning

We have performed exhaustive research in to the best way to clean garments in an eco-friendly manner. What we have discovered, is that our wet cleaning process is both environmentally sound, and also produces the best results for around 90% of the types of garments we regularly clean. We use top quality detergents, and our specialized finishing machines, to produce results that surpass those reachable by dry cleaning.

Example price: Trousers - £3.50

Professional Dry Cleaning

For certain garments, and many soft furnishings such as curtains, our wet cleaning process is not suitable. In these cases, we offer a traditional dry cleaning service, using a solvent based cleaning agent.

Example price: Ladies Dress - £7.50

Shirt Service

Everyone loves a crisp, clean and well pressed shirt. We combine our innovative wet cleaning process, with our specialized shirt finishing machine, to achieve this result every time.

Example price: 5 Shirts - £7.99

Alterations & Repairs

Buying off the peg might be cost effective, but it also means that often, the clothing you buy does not fit perfectly. We have the ability to undertake bespoke alterations for you, to achieve that perfect fit. If your clothes are torn or ripped accidentally, we can perform magical repairs.

Example price: Jeans Shortening - £6.99

Curtains & Soft Furnishings

Cleaning large items such as curtains and other soft furnishings, poses its own set of challenges. We use our dry cleaning process to remove the dirt and grime, and then manually finish them.

Example price: curtains with lining - £5.99/sq mtr

Wedding Dresses

Caring for a wedding dress of other formal gown, takes care and skill. We have the expertise needed to make sure your valuable wedding dress is protected whilst it is cleaned, and that it is returned to you in perfect condition.

Example price: Polyester Blend – From £100

Leather & Suede

Cleaning leather and suede garments takes a different approach to fabric cleaning. Care needs to be taken to avoid staining or scuffing during the cleaning process. We have the skills to make sure your leather and suede clothing is cared for whilst it is cleaned.

Example price: Call

Shoes & Trainers

Have you been thinking about throwing those old shoes and trainers out? Before you do, why not give them to use to clean? You will be amazed by the results. Our cleaning process neutralizes odor, and can remove ground in dirt.

Example price: Call

Rugs & Carpets

Cleaning carpets and rugs calls for special techniques to be used. Specifically, there is a need to ensure that they stay in shape. We take great care to make sure that no stretching occurs during the cleaning process, and your rugs and carpets are returned in perfect condition.

Example price: Polyester Rugs - £15/sq mtr

Hand Bag Cleaning

Most hand bags made from natural materials can be cleaned using our dry cleaning process. Once cleaned, we manually finish each one so that the detailing is as clean as the materiel.

Example price: Call

Wax Proofing & Waterproofing

Is your waterproof clothing starting to let moisture through? Does your jacket or coat ne re-waxing? No problem, we are experts and reviving old waterproof clothing.

Example price: Call

Duvet and pillow service

Duvets and pillows form the basis of most beds these days and it is often suggested that we don't clean our Duvets frequently enough. Some experts think we should clean our duvets every 6-8 months. Due to the warmth and moisture content a duvet can hold, they can become the perfect habitat for dust mites and bed bugs.

Our professional launder and drying service will freshen up your duvet and kill off the bugs & mites you don't want to be sleeping with.

Repairs & Washing Expertise

Over time duvets will wear, be damaged or suffer stains from a split cup of tea. We can provide repairs to any tears and have the expertise to try and remove any unsightly staining.